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Privacy policy

CIDADEPVC the Company guarantees the privacy of its customers and the confidentiality of information obtained from the website, not to disclose to third parties or used for other purposes. Since, considering the client as one of the main keys to its success, ethics and transparency with him, are core values ​​in the conduct of business.



Your visit to our site is free from viruses. To navigate, you can enjoy all the facilities that our site has to offer. You can also display a browser on your warning to report dangerous items identified on the website, this means that the browser identifies any image produced not encrypted, but your computer is not “infected”. In most cases, these images correspond to banners, graphics, links or “pop-ups”, whose purpose is not encrypted to allow faster and easier access to the page and also because the encryption is not necessary. If the message appears, simply click the button “continue” and you will be directed to the site via “https” and the connection will remain safe even in the presence of these non-encrypted items. So you can continue to visit our website safely.


Personal information Collection

The information collected will not be shared or sold to other companies. We collect personal data when the costumer provides deliberately. The company may request information from customers in various ways, for example:

Order request

Bank records

Request for information about the company or product

Join our newsletter

Participate in surveys or opinion satisfaction

Other information collected

General information from a user group can be collected for statistical purposes of the company, as a means of views per costumer or most popular pages on the site. We use this data to assess the effectiveness of our offers, the exposure of our products and services. No personal information is collected on these occasions.


Use of cookies

The use of “cookies” is a technology used by CIDADEPVC, as well as by most Internet sites. “Cookies” are fragmentary information that are transferred by the web to your computer, in terms of identifying and keep the history of all times you visit our sites. This technology in itself does not identify users, but the source of access. However, if you do not wish to receive “cookies”, you can block them by going to the Internet properties on your computer, because we do not want invade your privacy. The use of this feature is limited to the operations performed during your session on our website with the specific purpose of facilitating their navigation.


How CIDADEPVC use your information

Personal information is used to meet the needs of our customers and provide better service. Personal information will be used specifically for:

Complete a business transaction

Meet any request of customers, including the target of guarantees or our products service

Delivery and transport products

Send newsletters and costumers interest information by mail or e-mail

For planning, new product development and internal research


Use of information by other companies

We only provide personal data to other organizations when:

We have costumer consent

We need to transmit data due specific request for products ordered

We need to transmit data for registration request an bank approvals

We have required by law ti provide information

Sending newsletters

The registration of the e-mail is for the costumer to receive personalized news about our products. This means that by providing this information, you consent to send newsletters to your e-mail.

The privacy policy may be subject to change if necessary and continuously updated on our website.

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